Natural Toner for Dry Skin; How to Care for Dry Skin

Dry skin causes an unpleasant sensation, rougher skin, pleasant seals for the touch, and sensitivity between us – wounds and itching.

Dry skin can have many reasons:

natural toner for dry skin

  • Innate predisposition to dry skin
  • Geographic location – there are areas where the air is drier
  • The seasons – in the autumn and winter seasons, there is a tendency for the skin to be drier
  • Various skin diseases can cause dry skin, mainly in the joints, and consequently itch (asthma of the skin, for example)
  • Age – usually with the increase in skin age, it becomes drier and requires deeper nourishment

In natural lavender cosmetics from a variety of natural cosmetics 100%, all the creams contain oils and butter only without water and without preservatives and stabilizers. That’s why natural toner for dry skin products is excellent for treating dry skin and even extreme dryness and relieving dry skin conditions. These products are concentrated and contain oils and butter that are well absorbed into the skin and leave it soft to the touch:

Care for dry skin in the body

Dry skin in the body creates an unpleasant feeling. Sometimes it’s even skin asthma. But often, simply after swimming in the pool with chlorine or during the autumn periods. In general, as the years go by, the skin becomes thinner and dries more quickly. So, with age, we suffer more from dry skin. Therefore, our creams containing only oils and vegetable butter without water will be excellent and make a significant difference in your daily feeling.

Before describing the recommended creams for dry skin, it is worth noting that the use of SLS-based synthetic soaps and similar substances is often due to their too strong cleansing ability to clean up the skin’s natural fat, thereby worsening the dryness of the skin. It is recommended for skin dryness problems to use solid soaps or liquid soaps, natural toner for dry skin, or olive oil to cleanse the skin gently and not dry it out.

For daily use, a series of creams for the body is based on coconut butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, and excellent essential oils for the skin. Coconut butter-based body lotions come in a gentle, soothing lavender scent, lemongrass-scented body lotion, refreshing, chilling rosewood, and sensual vanilla-sensual fragrance.

Gentle Therapeutic Cream

The shea butter-based therapeutic cream treats drier skin and gently handles dry, irritated skin. The cream contains shea butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, bee hours, calendula extract, and essential oils in beautiful aromas. The cream is easily applied and absorbed and soothing even in burns or bites.

You need to note: the gentle therapeutic cream has become a must in many customers’ homes! The cream soothes the body and mind and helps with various situations of dryness, skin irritations, dry blows, and burns.

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