Build in Authority Content for your SEO Success

One of the main things to consider when you’re developing your website is the content. Whether you build in-house or use the technical expertise of a design agency for your project, SEO and quality content will be key to maximising your search engine rankings. Increasingly, this means building in authority content.


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It is undeniable that the original SEO strategies of headline organisation, metadata and keyword optimisation are still vital, but quality content – particularly where authority and expertise is conveyed – is now key when it comes to organic searches.

This is because the search engines are now seeking out content that will genuinely match what users are searching for. This brings both opportunity and challenges to website owners. The drive is no longer towards having SEO-heavy and keyword-packed content on your platforms. You need authoritative, powerful content produced by good writers.

Find the Right Authors

To build this kind of credible, relevant content that delivers real value to your readers, you must integrate authorship into your brand’s marketing strategy and find the right authors, whether in-house or external, who are subject-matter experts on the topics you publish about. Those authors will be charged with guiding the readers through a journey that ultimately leads to conversion through unique and compelling quality content.

Finding and Vetting Authors

There are plenty of places to find authors, but online and social methods tend to be the most popular nowadays. Look at influencer tools such as Inkybee, BuzzSumo or Klout, or attend industry events to meet new contacts. You can also work with a digital specialist like a professional seo services london company found at links such asElevate UK January20 Article 2 who will offer you a helping hand.   They are experts in their field and will have knowledge on posting on relevant sites, what links to add and what authority links to use.

A lot of influential writers will already have their own base of social followers and have impact and influence when it comes to affecting behaviours. Many brands are using existing bloggers to write promotional content for them for this reason. This can be a useful adjunct to creating own brand blogs and social channels and further increasing reach and conversion.

The other interesting thing to know is that authorship no longer needs to be included for Google to be able to reward and identify authors. Ultimately, quality content remains the most important factor in search success.

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