Top Quality Air Velocity Meters In Singapore

Indoor air quality or IAQ is the quality of air present in the occupied space where people don’t experience any dissatisfactions. There is no contamination in the air and no visible health risk in a good quality IAQ. At Lee Hung, you can get the best air velocity meter Singapore.

What is Lee Hung’s Scientific meter?

Lee Hung provides good quality indoor air velocity meters. Their IAQ meters can check humidity, gauge temperature, and do outdoor air calculations, carbon monoxide, and airborne particles. These factors are the main components to measure the thermal comfort of the indoors. Lee Hung has a partnership with trusted brands. They have designed the IAQ that has advanced abilities, and still are easy to operate. They provide real-time accurate measurements, and the data can be used to eliminate IAQ problems. The sensors, detectors, and piezoelectric monitors are manufactured to suit the indoor quality studies and suit the standard. These air quality meters comply with the relevant regulations and collect data through in-depth analytical methods. The data they collect is always precise.

Different IAQ monitor according to one’s need

  • IAQ Calc meter (7515 / 7525 / 7545)- It is used for the measurement of humidity, dew point, CO2, wet bulb temperature, and percentage outside air. It is also used to detect carbon monoxide.
  • EVM Series Particulate Mass Concentration and Air Quality Monitor-These are used for the real-time measurement of gas concentration and particulates.
  • P-Trak Ultrafine Particle Counter 8525- It is used to detect and count ultrafine particles that are much smaller than one micrometer.
  • Sling Psychrometer- It is used to determine the accurate relative humidity level.
  • Formaldemeter- This is used for precise three-parameter monitoring of low-level hazardous formaldehyde vapors under temperature. It is also used to measure the humidity extremes.
  • Dual Head Portable Microbiological Air Sampler and Portable Air Microbiological Samplers- These are used to sample air and surface.

Lee Hung Scientific provides a good quality air velocity meter Singapore that has perfect accuracy and reliability. Its equipment can measure temperature, humidity, CO and CO2 gases, and particulates like Pm2.5. These devices measure continuously to maintain a good healthy indoor air and environment. There are not many companies that offer such varieties. So, if you are looking to keep your surroundings healthy with fresh air, Lee Hung Scientific products are your best friend. Meet regular IAQ standards by using their monitors.

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