Sec 3 IP Math Tuition- To Help You Master Integrated Programme Maths

The Integrated Programme (IP) is a course taught as one big class. Instead of individual teachers learning styles based on their knowledge, the students are all required to simultaneously participate in the same lecture. The result? Every student acquires a unique view of how the different topics are covered in the Integrated Programme. To understand what this means from an academic standpoint, you must develop tuitions to understand Integrated Programme maths. Read more to learn about sec 3 ip math tuition.

What is the Integrated Programme (IP) math tuition for?

The Integrated Programme (IP) is a two-year course taught in two parts: Introductory Math and Advanced Math. The Integrated Programme is a two-year course; each year, the students are graded on their study topic.

 The students take the course in tandem, which means that you will experience the same coursebook, lectures, and exercises and have the same university context as your classmates.

How to take the Integrated Programme (IP) maths tuition?

To take the Sec 3 IP math tuition, follow these steps:

  • Choose your level
  • Choose your subject
  • Choose your grade
  • Prepare your application
  • Make an offer
  • Accept the offer

IP Math Tuition

What’s covered in the Integrated Programme (IP) maths tuition?

The following topics are covered in the Integrated Programme (IP) math tuition: Simple Geometry, Phonetics, The Number System, Algebra, Number Theory, Roman Numerals, The System of 360°, The System of Sinusoids, The System of Octovials, The System of Decimals, The System of Inversions, The System of Hyperbola, The System of Single Point stars, The System of Double Point stars, The System of Interpolated Points and The System of Continuous Point Colours.

Cost of Integrated Programme (IP) math tuition

The Integrated Programme (IP) costs £9,000 annually for two years. If you take the course as a stand-alone, you will pay £8,000. This includes the entry fee, booksm and supplies. If you take the Integrated Programme with a partner institution, you will pay £3,000. This consists of the entry fee, books, and supplies.

Bottom line

The Integrated Programme (IP) is an excellent way to learn a lot at a reasonable cost. This is very useful for students who want to enhance their knowledge and understanding of specific topics. The Sec IP math tuition has plenty of tips and tricks to help you get better every year, both in the classroom and at the office.

Suppose you are interested in learning more about the Integrated Programme, want to take it as stand-alone course tuition, or want to add an alternative to your regular education. In that case, the tuition programs available are elementary to understand and affordable. If you are really interested in taking the course with a partner institution, you will pay for the entire year and have to invest in your study materials.

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