Rise And Popularity Of Oval Moissanite Rings

If you’re not acquainted with the term moissanite ring, then it is the right time you should learn about it. We all are very fascinated by diamond rings and it has been used quite largely in weddings and other occasions. In a word, a diamond ring is the first choice for most people since maninvented putting on rings for engagement. But in modern times people’s mentality has changed along with their rituals. Diamond is very expensive and many people are unable to afford it. That’s why they always try to find a good alternative which can beat it. And the alternative is oval moissanite rings which are very close to the characteristics of that of the diamond. It comes quite cheap which makes it affordable and it can reach the majority of people.

What is a moissanite ring?

Moissanite ringis the substitution for diamonds. If you haven’t heard about it, means thatyou might have mistaken it for diamond. It beats diamond both in brilliance and in the fire. Even the hardness of the quality in the oval moissanite ring surpasses the hardness of diamond. All these good qualities help to make a quality product from this ring. It also provides a scratches effect making it polished and quite exotic. Moreover, this ring is ethically sourced making it approachable tomorrow to stop the people who are concerned about the environment.

The sourceofa moissanite ring

The material was first discovered when a certain meteorite hit Earth over 50,000 years ago and this particular material came to be known. After that, it was discovered by a scientist and since then it has been used as a substitute for diamond rings. Unlike other gents, moissanite ring doesn’t get dull and cloudy over the ages. Its sharpness and brilliance remain intact for a very long time. That is why the oval moissanite ring has become one of the best choices for or people of the modern age.

The history behind the moissanite ring

As previously stated, moissanite ring is a production of a meteorite that hit the surface of earth 50000 years back. But the discovery was made only a few decades back in Arizona. Years later the meteorite getting scattered around the surface of the earth, a renowned scientist started to look for it and in 1893 the scientist Henri Moissan discovered moissanite. The fascinating thing that Dr. Moissan discovered was the special buildings of fire and sharpness that is presented in that material found from the meteorite. Later he took that sample in his lab and researched about it. After a long hour of research, he found that the material was silicon carbide.

How moissanite was made popular

Years later a famous jewelry brand and mineralogist’s suggestion the name moissanite was declared. Since the natural resource potent material was so limited, a century later this particular material was developed in a laboratory. In 1980 a large chunk of crystal moissanite was developed in a lab while in 1995 it was first being compared to the diamond with the help of a very capable professional diamond cutter. With this observation, it was told that there is hardly any difference between the diamond and the moissanite ring and since then the market value of the ring has risen. Since then many companies have started to make different kinds of trees with this particular material which is ethically sourced and there is hardly any difference between this and the diamond. Also, the difference in price made it easier to enter the market.

The difference between moissanite and diamond

Many people will argue over the fact that diamond is their first choice. But in modern times where people are very mindful about how and where they spend their hard-earned money, the oval moissanite ring is the right choice for them. Diamond is naturally sourced where moissanite is laboratory-made. Although it was previously sourced from nature the abundance of production comes from the lab. There is hardly any difference between the two regarding sharpness, brilliance, fire, reflection, hardness. Although even high-quality diamonds can get cloudy over time, moissanite ring does not get cloudy.

That’s why it is better how to make an heirloom with a moissanite ring rather than a diamond if you need to pass it to your future generation. There has been a lot of test and inquisitions about this material but even the best jewelers have found it difficult to differentiate between diamond and moissanite. The only difference is that diamond being such an old discovery has been a symbol of elegance and richness. That’s why people, who want to show their wealth, are more likely to spend money on diamonds than moissanite.

Why people prefer moissanite ring over a diamond nowadays

There are a lot of reasons for people to choose moissanite ring over diamond rings but among them, some come to the main concern.

  • Price

The price that you have taken for diamondjewelry is enormous which can make a big hole in your pocket. On the other hand, an oval moissanite ring will save your money as it costs only a certain percentage of the diamond. This has such a great similarity yet so cheaper which makes it very affordable and reachable to the majority of the customers. This is the main thing for which the popularity of the moissanite ring has arisen. Many couples could save a lot of money by using oval noise monitoring over diamond rings.

  • Sustainability

There are so many people nowadays who are concerned to be related with the term blood diamond. This fact came to people’s concern when certain news of the source of the diamond has come to the forefront. The unethical sources as well as child labor have mixed with every diamond ring that is sold at a very high price in the big cities. On the other hand, mercenary training is ethically sourced and environmentally clean. Being made in a lab no damage is done to the environment as well as any people. Those who are super concerned with this always preferred oval moissanite ring over blood diamond.


This is how the ring has got its popularity and it is increasing every day. Since now other countries than America have got hold of the patent of this material, this has created a bigger market and more opportunities for the future.

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