Best Seafood for Maintaining Sound Health

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Seafood is one of the savory and easy to cook dishes. It is necessary to use seafood twice in a week. The dietary Guidelines compel people to consume 8 ounce seafood in a week. The nutrient affluent food is a great source of minerals, vitamins and protein. The exclusive fats like EPA, DHA Omega-3 fatty acids are present in seafood that prevents the body from chronic diseases. Receive Carrefour coupon to buy fresh or frozen seafood within your range.

Types of Seafood

As compared to red meat, the taste of seafood is unique. It is comprised of Fish, Crustaceans, Shellfish, Octopus and Squids.

  1. Fish

Fish species offer a variety of flavors to enjoy. Some are oily; others are fatty with strong savor of sea. Apart from dark meat, there is pink, snow white and flakey fish meat. Though most of the fish species are best to cook, but some are suitable for crudo recipes. The fish meat varies in texture and taste; however all types are rich and buttery.

  1. Crustaceans

Crawfish, Crabs, Lobster and Shrimp are included in this category. Crustaceans have white smooth and solid meat with gentle sweet flavor.

  1. Shellfish

Scallops, Clams, Oysters and Mussels are named as shellfish. These are familiar for kind texture, salty flavor and creamy midpoint.

  1. Squid and Octopus

These must be cooked properly to get mild flavor and lavish texture.

Ways to Cook the Seafood

Seafood is versatile type of meat that can be cooked in different ways to get the endless benefits.Steamed, Fried, Sautéed, Baked, Broiled and Grilled are the six basic ways to cook the seafood. The carrefour coupon is available for KSA customers to order the quality seafood for home use or get-togethers.

What are the Health Benefits?

Seafood is low-calorie meat that gives the following benefits:

  • Gives a protective shield against heart diseases, strokes, blood pressure, arthritis and cancer
  • Helps in overcoming the effects of Alzheimer, diabetes, dementia, ADHD and depression
  • When seafood is taken during pregnancy period, it helps the baby in developing nerves, vision and brain functions
  • Overcomes the asthma symptoms in kids
  • Reduces the harshness of mental disorders like mood disorders (aggression, antagonism, anxiety), bipolar disorder and depression
  • Omega-3 is responsible to maintain retinal and visual functions. Muscular degeneration, dry eye, glaucoma and cataract are some of the visual disorders that can be controlled with the regular use of seafood.
  • Maintains the healthy heart by regulating the vessel constraint and blood clotting
  • Helps in reducing the inflammation of tissues

How to Choose the Right Seafood?

Basically all seafood contain Omega-three fatty acids; yet the fattier species like Black Cod, Sardines, Mackerel, Light Tuna, Rainbow Trout and Salmon are the richest source of these fatty acids.

Mercury is a harmful element that is transferred in the atmosphere through human activities. Human body receives organic mercury from seafood. Most of fish varieties contain low amount of mercury; however large size and long-lived fish like swordfish, marlin and shark contain high levels of mercury. Mention carrefour coupon to order the safe and beneficial seafood on discount.

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