Dapur Bersama Or Commissaries To Rescue

You know there was a time when food was only prepared in restaurants or homes, well now that has changed, many single chefs do not want to work under somebody and want to open their own business.

Starting a business is no problem, but starting a food and beverage business is challenging as it requires a lot of initial investment with almost no return because the initial years are invested into marketing, which is the most critical need for this type of business.

This problem has been sustained for many years, but now we have a solution for it. Dapur Bersama, in Indonesia, is meant by shared kitchens. These kitchens are shared by many chefs who are into cloud kitchens and can’t own a restaurant.

As cloud kitchen is becoming famous because of their cheaper rates and convenient delivery services, many chefs are stepping towards cloud kitchen to start their own business. For these chefs, Ever-Plate provides kitchen spaces where they can rent these places and make them their virtual kitchens. These places are cost-effective and generate an environment for cooking as all people there are connected via cooking. These places are also well facilitated with kitchen supplies such as refrigerating rooms, line of ovens, culinary items, utensils, basins, table tops, etc.,

commissary kitchen

These kitchens can also be called commissary kitchenswhich are used for commercial purposes rather than personal ones. The commissary kitchen has an industrial design, which the government licenses. These kitchens can only be called commissary kitchens if they are fully authenticated and licensed. Ever-plate is a commissary as it is licensed and authentic.

Factors to consider

A Dapur Bersama should be chosen by considering these factors:

  • The shared kitchen place should not have any charges by the legal food committee checkings as it will hamper the reputation of your cloud business.
  • A shared kitchen has proper sanitation and dumping facility, as kitchen wastes are in large amounts, and waste around prepared foods can harm the food quality and the business.
  • The shared kitchen should have proper licenses and legal documents so your business does not risk any legalization issues.
  • If you have food trucks as shared kitchens, then parking and safeguarding the trucks should be taken care of.
  • If you are a baker or patisserie, you should make sure to rent a kitchen in such a place where ovens are of high quality.
  • If a shared kitchen is rented to you according to the time slots, ensure you get one matching your working hours.

In this expensive world of restaurants, shared kitchens and commissaries give comfort and food to people who prefer affordable and home-deliverable food.

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