Design considerations and advantages with Built-in furniture

We all dream of living clutter-free, with spacious pantry cupboards or walk-in wardrobes. The most effective way to achieve that streamlined look you want is through built-in furniture, cleverly placed lighting and fold out tables.  You will also want to make sure there is enough natural light coming in through your windows.  You could get Double Glazing Evesham windows through companies like firmfix which will allow for warmer rooms, clearer views and more efficiency.

Built-in furniture

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A Place for Everything

Storage is one of the must-haves on many home buyers’ wish lists. In addition to providing a place for everything to keep your environment clutter-free, it’s an investment in future resale value. Because built-in furniture can be tailored to meet specific storage needs, it can be unobtrusive and space-effective.

Clean lines

Free-standing furniture can be attractive, but it can dominate a room. A wall full of storage provides all the space you need without overwhelming the look of your room. With the possibility of coordinating your built-in storage with your existing room trim, cabinets fit seamlessly into your décor.

Keep it in proportion

Using matching finishes like slate or hardwood can make your built-in pieces coordinate beautifully with your room. It’s important to think about proportion. A large room can accommodate a wall full of bookshelves, whereas a better look might be achieved in a smaller room by breaking things up with cubby holes or glass doors for balance. If you’re storing equipment like TVs and hi-fi, be sure to think about issues like cabling and cooling.

Do your research

You’ve decided that built-in furniture is the solution to your storage needs. Researching suitable designs will give you a better idea of what is most likely to work in your own home and trigger your creativity. Design considerations like room size and interior décor need to be taken into consideration. Are there any underutilised spaces that could provide valuable storage?

DIY vs calling the experts

If your woodworking skills are up to the job, you could do it yourself. If you’re looking for a truly professional, bespoke finish, search for specialist companies in your area. Googling furniture will put you in touch with companies who can take you through the entire process from drawing board to beautiful bespoke built-in furniture tailored to your specific needs.

Whatever your decision, bespoke built-in furniture will create seamless transitions and flow through your home, giving you that airy, minimalist feel and providing invaluable storage space.

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