A guide to emergency contraceptive pills

Contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy following unprotected sexual intercourse. Emergency contraceptive pills, sometimes known as the day after pill, are tablets that can be consumed up to 5 days after unprotected intercourse. Some contraceptive methods work best if used before three days of having a sexual encounter. Ovulation is postponed with emergency contraceptive tablets. However, it is to be noted that ECPs will not halt a pregnancy if fertilization and implantation have already occurred.

When used as early as possible following unprotected intercourse, contraception is most successful. The copper-bearing IUD inhibits conception by creating a chemical alteration in egg and sperm when they meet. Contraceptive pills cannot harm an existing pregnancy or a growing embryo.

Who can take emergency contraception?

To avert an unplanned pregnancy, a woman of childbearing age may require contraceptive pills. The use of contraceptive pills has no definite medical limitations. It also has no age restrictions.

Some women take ECPs regularly as their primary means of birth control. In this case, additional counseling on other, more frequent forms of contraception that may be more efficient and suitable should be provided. Counseling for the intake of emergency contraceptive tablets should include information on how to use routine contraceptives and utilize methods appropriately in an apparent method malfunction.

While there are no recognized health hazards associated with using emergency contraception often, it might cause more side effects, including menstrual abnormalities. Obese women were also shown to be less successful using emergency contraception medications.

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In what instances is emergency contraception needed?


  • Lack of contraception use before intercourse
  • Sexual assault with no protection
  • Condom breakage during intercourse
  • Ineffectiveness of Intrauterine device
  • Failure of melting of spermicide film or tablet
  • More than three consecutively skipped contraceptive pills

Side effects


ECPs have side effects comparable to oral contraceptives, including vomiting and nausea, minor intermittent bleeding between periods, and exhaustion. If you puke within 2 hours of dosage ingestion, you should retake it. Adverse effects are uncommon, moderate, and usually go away without the need for other medicine. Emergency contraceptive drugs do not influence subsequent fertility. After utilizing ECPs, you can rest assured that there is no lag in resuming fertility.

Women at the chance of an unwanted pregnancy should have access to medical contraceptives, which should be regularly included in all state family planning services. You can now get emergency contraceptive pills price at a low and affordable cost!

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