Delta 9 Brands: The Leading Cannabis Company in the World

Delta 9 Brands is an investment company originally started by a farmer seeking to make cannabis oil for his HIV-positive wife who has suffered from debilitating pain. For years, Delta 9 Brands has been making some of the finest cannabis oils and extracts in Colorado though you can access the Delta 9 Brands on the Market easily. They have also expanded their businesses into their very own branded marijuana products including strain specific edibles and topicals.


Delta 9 was founded by husband and wife team John and Sally Vandermeer in 2009. The husband, John is a former farmer with over 25 years of experience. He is also the founder of the company’s sister company, Soma Labs. Delta 9 has always been at the forefront of marijuana research and development, as they are one of the few companies in Colorado who have been able to obtain a state-issued license to do scientific research on cannabis. They have made great strides in determining which strains work best for specific ailments. This led him to create strains specifically designed to treat cancer, chronic pain and other conditions that often cannot be treated by traditional medicine due to side effects.

Delta 9 Brands on the Market

Delta 9 was one of the very first companies in Denver to have the ability to process cannabis through a proprietary extraction process. The company’s products are known for their consistency and purity, which is a feat that has only been overshadowed by those created by Soma Labs. They have slowly expanded to 12 different strains grown on 3 different farms. They also sell many types of edible products, including various chocolates, candies, and baked goods that are made from 100% Colorado grown cannabis. The company is also currently working on expanding into its own brand of vape pens and vape oils that can be used for both medical and recreational purposes.


Delta 9 is one of the cannabis industry’s most successful oil companies. They are known for their high quality oils and their very potent concentrates, which are sought after by patients and recreational users alike. Their top-quality CO2 extracted oils come in many different varieties depending on what the customer prefers. These include shatter, wax, budder and live resin, each with its own unique taste and consistency. It also has a strain specific line of oils including Jack Herer oil for depression, Blue Dream oil for stress relief, and OG Kush oil for pain relief.

The Team

The founder and CEO of Delta 9, John Vandermeer is an expert in the field of botany and has now turned his expertise towards the cannabis plant. He was able to use this knowledge to grow some of the finest cannabis strains available anywhere in his unique greenhouse facility. He is a former farmer who has worked with numerous strains of plants, including cannabis.

His wife Sally Vandermeer is co-founder and president of the company. While she was much less involved in the day-to-day operations of Delta 9, Sally played a crucial role as well and will continue to do so in the future as she dedicates more time to her other business ventures.

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