Switch To Tobacco Free Alternative and Be Disease Free

In case, someone does smokeless tobacco to go to a stress reliever then any little hiccup mainly in a day can trigger the urge for dipping. Although, chewing tobacco quitting can be quite a difficult habit being shaken. Preferring the right tobacco free alternative can simply set a person up for success from the initial. Tobacco chewing over a long period can result in dependence on nicotine and tobacco, which can be highly addictive. Several people think that tobacco chewing can be less harmful in comparison to smoking, while in reality, both dipping and smoking fan result in comparable nicotine levels in the blood. 


  • Sunflower seeds- They are a usual pacifier for dippers needing to mimic the chewing tobacco sensations. Sucking out the seed and flavor, then the hard shell being spitted out will make the mouth occupied.
  • Nicotine patches- Such patches can be just as effective for users of smokeless tobacco who are trying to quit it. There are several downsides, such as being a bit costly and failing to be effective entirely on their own.
  • Chewing gum- It is a popular way of curbing the craving for smokeless tobacco not only for keeping the mouth occupied but also for the familiarity of taste.
  • Tobacco-free pouches- They are similar in shape and size to smokeless tobacco pouches, and thus, it is a natural fit for the mouthfeel dippers crave replacement.
  • Shredded beef jerky- It generally feels and resembles just like tobacco of loose-leaf shredded tobacco while it also mimics the dipping action.


  • The synthetic one utilization is fully loaded chew which makes it n alternative in nine flavors chiefly in both pouch form and long cut. Also, made along with ingredients of food grade.
  • Such alternative can be over 99.5% pure and impurities are lacking found in TDN. Such product usage can result in there being zero exposure mainly in TSNAs.


It can be concluded that chewing tobacco is generally a physical addiction and also a psychological one. Several smokeless tobacco users simply crave the lip burn and mouthfeel they get from dipping. Although, it is hard for quitting to chew tobacco, particularly when someone has a drip for a longer time along with determination. But along tobacco free mint pouches a little help can be done as looking for the right smokeless tobacco alternative can be the success key.

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