The Biggest Advantages of Choosing a Freestanding ER Over a Traditional One

A freestanding emergency room is a facility that also works like a traditional attached ER. These facilities provide you with the same level of care and attention as a traditional ER. But sometimes, these places can be better because they act as more than just an emergency clinic. They provide better care and quality of service, which depends on the type of freestanding ER you visit. Overall, these are reliable facilities that can give you the care you deserve, which is why there are many freestanding ERs that you can find anywhere.

Freestanding ERs used to be available only in rural areas. Now, you can find these anywhere, especially in neighborhoods and city areas. So if you want to know why these are growing at a fast rate, read about the benefits below. You will learn that these can be better than a traditional ER, and you might want to take a visit to these facilities if you encounter an emergency.

Experience High-Quality Care from Highly Trained Professionals

Freestanding ERs are just like a traditional ER, with highly trained and certified medical professional staff to meet your needs. They must know how to take care of you in times of severe health issues. They make sure that you’ll be seen by a doctor right away. If they can’t find out what the problem is, they also have diagnostic testing onsite, which is why they have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the patients receive the best service. Once they find out the problem, they can give you the right solution.

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Instant Access to Emergency Care

Emergency care is essential because you’ll never know if you experience a health issue in the middle of the night that’s life-threatening. Or what if you get into an accident, and you lose a lot of blood? In cases like these, a freestanding ER in rural areas will be the best facility in that town. If you live in these areas, a freestanding ER can provide the necessary care you need to keep you from experiencing more health issues. They can stabilize you using their expertise and knowledge. They have more procedures than an urgent care center.

Faster Services 24/7

Since freestanding ERs primarily operate 24/7, they are very convenient for seeking medical treatment immediately. You can visit them at any time of the day and get the help you need without the long wait times. Aside from that, they provide faster services and are often affiliated with a  hospital, so you don’t need to wait for many hours before being admitted. They can just call their affiliated hospitals for you to be transferred. But they make sure you’re in a stable condition first. That’s how you know that a freestanding ER provides you with high-quality care.

The Bottomline

If you’re searching for a reliable facility to cater to your needs when it comes to your health, a freestanding ER will do the trick. Not only will you experience the best medical treatment, but you’ll experience all the benefits mentioned above too.


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