The Biggest “Myths” About Affiliate Marketing May Be Right

Affiliate marketing is an important revenue source for most sites. But it’s not easy to reach their potential affiliate market. To help, I’ve written this post about how one can use email marketing to grow one affiliate income. Affiliate links are links to products one uses and share the profits of sales using these links with the merchants. Now, affiliate links can make one some quick cash on the side, but it’s important to know how they work and which ones are best for one.

How to achieve authority-level rankings?

The first is to do lots of research. Read books, articles, and papers. Go out and meet people. Learn things. Read the history of one’s field. The second strategy is to develop a point of view. If one starts thinking like a specialist, it will be easier to identify problems in one’s field and frame those problems in ways that people will understand. The third strategy is to write a lot. Most academics have a strategy for keeping journals, but writing a lot is the best way to build authority.

The fourth strategy is to network. Authority is earned through reputation; reputation is earned through people. The fifth strategy is to be controversial. Controversy builds reputation. The sixth strategy is to advocate. If one tells people what they need to do and how to do it, one will earn their trust. The seventh strategy is to be persuasive. People are more likely to do things if they think telling them the truth, and if they don’t, they will at least listen. 

The eighth strategy is to be liked. One can build authority through one’s reputation, but people are more likely to benefit from the doubt if one makes them like one.

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The ninth strategy is to be helpful. People are more likely to give one a free pass if one does things for them, and as a bonus, one might find that other people will be interested in what one does and want to help one. The tenth strategy is to be persistent. It takes years to build authority, and only by sticking to it for a while can one start benefiting from it.

There are other things one can charge a commission on a service, a consultation, even traffic. The more serious ones are about making money, the fewer things one can charge for. But one can charge a commission on anything for which there is a market.

That’s an amazing amount of freedom. But it comes with a lot of obligations.

The two major obligations are:

(1) To advertise the product.

(2) To deliver the product.

One runs an ad, usually with a graphic or a picture, and tells people to visit here to advertise the product. To deliver the product, one does what Amazon does. One lets people order, and one sends them the product; if one makes many sales, Amazon ships the products.


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