Top delta 8 vaping carts in 2022

Over the period, Delta 8 vape carts have become very popular after the legalisation of Cannabis, and many manufacturers came forward to produce these products. The reputed high-quality brands know people’s need for something to help them relax and overcome their anxiety and stress in everyday life. Let us look at the top Delta 8 vaping carts in the market:

Exhale Wellness

Excel Wellness has been the best Delta cart when we look into its overall performance. The CBD products from ingredients are grown in the US, and the brand is well established in Los Angeles. The level of THC of our within the legal limit set by federal law. It offers only one dosage option, which is 900mg which works the best for all users. This is free from animal-derived ingredients and is also suitable for vegans.


The plants used in the Delta 8 cart are organically grown using no chemical compounds or harmful fertilisers. Even though they take more time to grow and develop, the quality will be top-notch. These vape carts come in two different flavours, Strawberry Gatelo and Grape Runtz. It can be purchased in single packs or in a bundle of 3 or 5 at a time. It comes with an 800mg dose and for affordable prices. Independent third-party Laboratories test these, and ingredients are derived from US-grown hemp.

delta 8 vape carts


In celebrating the legal allowance of Cannabis, Zack Fernandes found Hollyweed replacing the famous Hollywood in 2017. the brand may be new, but the establishment has created a positive vibe amongst cannabinoid users all over the US. This comes with a massive range of flavours where you can choose from 10 different varieties. They are obtained naturally with the best taste and smell using the blend of Delta 8 THC. This formula does not contain synthetic additives, and the quality and compliance are tested in the laboratory. It is beneficial to relieve stress and anxiety after a tiring day.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is controlled by a team of scientists, doctors, researchers and even farmers who have achieved overnight success. It uses the THC combination with CBD inside the formula of these vape carts. It is a reputed brand with many positive reviews from the customers as it has excellent customer service. Different flavours and strains are available in this 900 mg Delta 8 cart. It aims to provide customers with special offers, including product discounts frequently.

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