Zigbee Home Automation: Smart choice for Smart homes

Today, with the advent of technology, our day to day life is full of tech products and their participation in our day to day lives is increasing. With so many appliances, the need to control all of them from one platform arises, that’s where the concept of smart home comes. The home automation system provides users to control all appliances of houses from one platform. So, if you are looking for a home automation system, then the first thing you should do is look for a service provider and hub for your home that provides a secure home automation system.

For that, we suggest you choose the zigbee home automation systemfor your smart home.

About Zigbee home automation

The Zigbee home automation is a smart home product that connects all the tech products (such as smart locks, lights, etc.) to one system and gives the user power to control all the devices from one place. It is an IEEE 802. 15. 4 based wireless network that specifies high communication protocols at low power and low data rate with short-range radio, for instance, earphones connection with your device.

The Zigbee technology is simpler and way cheaper than any other WPAN’s networks like Z-wave and Bluetooth.

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Why ZigBee home automation?

Low data rate and longer battery life

The home automation system with longer battery life and low data rate is a requirement of everybody, and Zigbee fits in both. It offers low data rates due to Zigbee protocols, which allow low consumption of data and increase the battery life of the system by up to 2 or 3 years.


ZigBee wireless networks specify on high communication protocol, which ensures low power consumption and manages good communication between the devices and the controlling app.

Various appliances operated by one app

Zigbee allows one integrated home automation system to control all the smart home appliances (such as lights, AC, smart locks, curtains, etc) on one application. The data to control the devices and home appliances are sent via module to the receiver of the home automation system to operate them through one module.


One of the best features of Zigbee is the secure communication that it provides to its user, which reduces the worry of hackers attacking your system. The Zigbee security levels infrastructure is based on CCM mode and provides authentication and confidentiality.

The IEEE security model ensures only trusted devices have access to the system.

Final thoughts

Zigbee home automation system for your smart home is a smart choice, as it has longer battery life, low data rates, consume low power and provide secure communication.

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