Is Travel Insurance Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

As a working professional, the idea of taking time off of work to travel can be daunting. That is unless you’re able to pack up and jet off without having to worry about anything back home. You can now visit to see more information.

But what if something happens while you’re miles and miles away from home? What if there’s an emergency, illness, or mishap that takes place when you’re not in the country? How will your family cope with the situation if you are unable to return for some time?

Fortunately for those who are as doubting and unsure as we were when we started researching this topic, there is help! Travel insurance provides protection for accidents or emergencies that might occur while away from home so one can return unscathed. It can cover a variety of expenses depending on each insurance plan, and can provide peace of mind for the average traveller.

But how does it work? What kind of situations are covered? And what kind of coverage should one expect from their policy? These are all important questions that we shall be addressing in this article. After reading, you should feel confident in making an informed decision about purchasing travel insurance for your next trip!

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of protection that travellers can purchase before taking a trip. It covers emergency medical expenses, travel delays and cancellations out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the insured due to their trip being cancelled or delayed.

For example, travel insurance policies typically cover trip cancellation, interruption and delay expenses, lost or damaged luggage. They can also cover other important aspects like evacuation from a country that has been experiencing an emergency or political upheaval (i.e. SARS in China or Hurricane Katrina in the USA), death or dismemberment while on the trip, emergency medical treatment while on the trip, trip interruption due to injury of a close family member at home, legal liabilities due to accidents on the trip (either you’re responsible for them or someone else is), etc.

Although travel insurance policies differ depending on the provider and some of them even have unique names (e.g. Trip Mate, SafeTrip, etc.) what all travel insurance policies have in common is the fact that they were designed to protect you from any financial liability that may come up during your trip.

So, if something does happen to you during a trip and you’re out of the country, you can receive the necessary medical treatment for your injuries or illness. You don’t have to worry about whether there is enough money in your bank account to comfortably afford the treatment, because insurance will cover that too.

What is not covered by travel insurance? Unlike health or product liability policies that are much more specific in what they cover (e.g. automobile accidents, theft of personal property), most travel insurance policies are general in nature.

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