Know How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

It is important to choose a divorce lawyer to defend you in a family law issue. When looking for a divorce lawyer singapore, keep the following factors in mind.

Experience and Focus

Any divorce lawyer you’re thinking about hiring should have a lot of experience handling divorce cases in your area. A skilled divorce attorney will be familiar with the preferences of the various judges in your jurisdiction and will be able to apply this knowledge to your advantage. Furthermore, that lawyer should primarily practise divorce law. People typically hire a lawyer who specialises in a different profession because they believe that any lawyer will suffice. Divorce lawis a highly specialised field that requires a unique combination of skills and knowledge to be successful.

Client Testimonials from the Past

Finding out what former clients have to say about a divorce lawyer is probably the best way to figure out which divorce lawyer to use for your case. While divorce is never easy, some divorce lawyers are more successful than others in ensuring that their clients are satisfied. If you don’t know anyone who has worked with that divorce lawyer, you should get a list of clients who can talk about their experience with the lawyer. While maintaining client anonymity is important, every competent divorce attorney should be able to provide references from at least a few past clients.


One of the most common complaints from disappointed clients is that they were unable to communicate with their divorce lawyers. Your divorce attorney must be reachable and responsive to your calls, emails, and meeting requests. While you may want to enquire about the divorce lawyer’s office policy, you can learn more about the divorce lawyer by listening to what previous clients have to say.

If a former client claims that contacting the lawyer was difficult, or that the lawyer did not return calls or emails in a timely manner, you should avoid that lawyer. Divorce is a sad and challenging event even in the best of circumstances. Your degree of frustration will soar if you can’t reach your divorce lawyer, or at least someone on his or her staff. 


When you meet with the divorce lawyer singapore for the first time, you should enquire about the cost of a consultation. Although some lawyers provide free initial consultations, the majority of professional divorce lawyers charge a consultation fee of $100.00 to $200.00 or their usual hourly cost.


While all of the preceding factors are important, you should ask yourself one final question before hiring a divorce lawyer. If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, you should keep looking. Your case is far too important to entrust to someone you don’t believe in.

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