Minority Oppression Disputes: conflict and settlement

The issue of the upheaval and oppression of the minorities is an issue of ups and downs that has been triggered since 2009. They were placed under Myanmar’s rule after the country reached independence from the British colonialists in 1948. Ethnic riots that broke out on 6 June 2012 shocked the world to the point that it led to the issue of refugees of these minorities on a large scale-to neighboring countries nearby. This paper aims to identify the main factors conflict between the Rohingya and the Rakhine Buddhist population and the Myanmar government and the solution.

Jurisdiction Institution

The arbitration process, such as, in particular, civil minority oppression disputes,implies the establishment of jurisdiction and jurisdiction of various conflicts. Only providing the right solution to the case of this problem can be considered a judicial institution to merit. What are the main criteria for determining jurisdiction and jurisdiction-specific to arbitration? In some cases, their establishment may affect the party’s positionin the dispute?

This ongoing conflict has led to human rights as they are ignored and not recognized by the government as a people. A qualitative study with analytical data collection of these documents and interviews found that minorities were formerly residents of Arakan before the British colonized in 2000.1948. However, the region was forced to join the Burmese state and become a new country known as Myanmar. Strings of it, various controversies and conflicts the Rohingya ethnicity has to deal with religious discrimination policies and factors genocide through the force of the law

minority oppression disputes

Citizenship of Law

In 1982 they had their human rights being abused. This paper reveals that the fundamental conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims in Myanmar stems from religious sentiments and racism. Hence, the importance of finding solutions to peace while enlightening the role. The Muslim community that the Rohingya issue is an issue of Muslims that needs to be brought together to reach.

Thus, the main criterion of the jurisdiction of some instances to arbitration – is the nature of the relationship. There is another important criterion for the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal – the relationship of the composition of the subject.

Composition of the subject as a jurisdiction of law criteria: nuance

By the provisions of the Arbitration Code, arbitrate minority oppression disputes, where the following issues may be involved:

– legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;

– In cases stipulated by law – physical that is not registered as a PI;

– Government, as well as institutions, do not have the status of a legal entity.


So, you have learned the essence of jurisdiction and jurisdiction in the arbitration process. The first mention corresponds to the entire criteria that prove that a particular case needs to be viewed within the framework of the arbitration process. The main controversy, the resolution of which is within the arbitral tribunal’s competence.

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