CBD For Dogs: A Comprehensive Owner’s Guide

This article will cover a comprehensive guide to the use of CBD for dogs. It will include topics such as: the legality of CBD, the benefits of using the Best CBD for Dogs, how to administer it, and how to identify when your dog might need a different remedy.

The Legal Status of CBD

CBD for humans is legal in all 50 states and is recognized by US law as safe and non-addictive.

Because it is a cannabinoid, it is found in the same legal class as marijuana and is therefore held in the same regard. CBD cannot be legally sold in any state where marijuana is banned, but otherwise it can be used for whatever purpose one wishes.

The only states that have banned or officially restricted its use are Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. In Kentucky, people who wish to possess cannabidiol must have a prescription (possession with intent to sell is a felony) while in Illinois they are allowed to possess up to approximately 30 grams of CBD with no requirement for a prescription. Indiana and Wisconsin only allow people who possess a prescription to possess CBD.

Best CBD for Dogs

This means that you can take CBD without fear of charge in all 50 states, but it is not legal under federal law to sell or use it as a dietary supplement.

The FDA classifies cannabidiol as “a drug intended for human use and containing Cannabis extract”. As anyone with a high school education can attest, this simply means that the FDA considers cannabinoids (including CBD) to be Schedule I controlled substances.

This classification means that cannabidiol can only be legally sold as a pharmaceutical drug, however it is still legal for use as a dietary supplement in all 50 states.

The Benefits of Using CBD

There are many benefits to using CBD oil for dogs, especially as an alternative to traditional medicine.

With the correct dosing, these benefits can typically be seen after just 2-3 days, and they include: relief from pain, reduced inflammation and swelling (reducing issues like arthritis), improved appetite and digestion, and improved coat condition.

Many of these benefits can be more easily delivered by taking a CBD supplement than traditional medicines, which are often either too harsh or not potent enough to produce the same results.

The Effects of CBD

CBD as an alternative to traditional medicines for dogs can broadly be broken down into two categories: medicinal effects and non-medicinal effects.

Medicinal impacts include stopping pain, reducing swelling, improving appetite and digestion, and lessening inflammation and other similar issues. Non-medicinal impacts include improving coat condition (keeping your dog looking good), reducing anxiety in dogs, and behavioral benefits like making your dog more relaxed and able to walk around more freely.

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