Crucial Car Cleaning Tools for Shiny & Pristine Car

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If you are conscious about car maintenance, you have the competence to wash your vehicle better than the commercial wash. Usually large size brushes are used in commercial wash. These brushes can damage the paint or cause spin marks. Washing car at home saves your money and gives an opportunity to spend your weekend in an interesting way. The Lazada discount code is activated on all car care items so you can use right tools and techniques to keep your luxurious car sparkling new.

Microfiber Towel

While maintaining a car, one of the basic things is quality microfiber towel. A regular washroom towel is not appropriate for car wash as these are coarse and cannot dry the surface completely.

Microfiber towels can be used to clean the interior without scuffing the surface. These are reusable towels and can be cleaned in washing machine. There is a glass towel to clean and dry the windshield and windows. After cleaning, you will find a crystal cleaning without getting streak surface.

Car Brush

To wash the grime and dirt, a perfect car brush is indispensable. Car wash quality brush works perfectly as the bristles are made up of poly fibers that can clean the surface without causing any scratch.

Pressure Washer

It is a useful thing when you are careful regarding car maintenance. Buying and using a pressure washer is not as simple as you assume. The powerful washers damage the surface harshly. You must know the right type and relevant setting to avoid damaging the paint. Refer Lazada discount code to order the reliable product at fair charges.

Grit Guard

Though it is used for painting purpose, but this is effective tool for car wash because it puts off the dirt accumulating on the car. Definitely, the aim behind car wash is to remove the grime. The grit guard gathers the dirt in lower area without letting it to mix in the water.

Wool Wheel Brushes

It is priority of car owners to keep the rims shiny and vibrant. Wool wheel brush is specially designed to clean the small areas of wheel and rims easily. The plush fiber of wool brush does not damage the rims and wheel wells.

Touchless Sealant

Use of traditional wax on the car is tedious and time consuming procedure. Use touchless Sealant if you want excellent outcome within a few minutes.  It can be applied on wheels and windows. It is capable enough to resist against water longer than traditional wax.

Tire Shine Gel

Usually, the tire shiner wears away and dries within a day. The quality tire shine gel sticks to the tires and makes a hard-wearing layer to maintain the polish for a few days.

Dustbuster Vacuum

Just like the exterior, you must pay attention to inside of your vehicle. These days, cordless vacuums are available that can reach easily to all parts. Mention the Lazada discount code and order the compact size vacuum that can deep clean all corners from dust, crumbs, pet hair and other stuff.

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