Mens Jewellery: Many Purposes Served

Wedding jewellery sets for brides need to convey their personality as well as the look they are trying to create. Bridal jewellery set is the icing on the cake for a potential bride – it polishes the entire look. With all the jewellery sets that are offered nowadays, the selection is huge. Take the time to make sure that your jewellery matches the general theme of your wedding, the wedding setting and the reception.

Men’s jewellery is no doubt less popular than jewellery designed for women, but that doesn’t mean men don’t wear jewellery or have no need for it. A large part of the jewellery industry today collects its earnings from the men’s section. Men wear it all, right from cufflinks, gold chains, rings, bracelets and even ear studs. Whether it’s expensive gold jewellery or inexpensive silver, the men’s section has it all.

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 Let’s take a look at how men’s jewellery came into a whole circle by evaluating why men wore these ornaments for different reasons –

  • Cosmetic Enhancement – Men, just like women, also wear jewellery items like rings or gold chains or platinum bracelets to enhance their cosmetic appeal. People from ancient times wore these ornaments to enhance their appearance. As much as kings and queens wore jewellery, rich people preferred rings, chains and even bracelets as a part of their dress code.
  • Flaunting of Wealth – Jewellery has served both men and women and it has been given a tag of ‘show off’ and the value of gold jewellery was in a special position since it was considered an expensive metal and that is why most of the precious gems were made out of this metal. Even today jewellery made from gold carries a special significance and boasts of a higher possession value.
  • Marital Status- Like many women, jewellery rings are often worn by men to highlight their marital status. A ring on the ring finger of the right hand is a sign that the person is to get married, is married or is engaged to a person. This is very common, especially in the western part of the world.
  • Cosmic Purposes – There are many cultures where men wear jewellery to attract the right vibrations from the universe. Often these ornaments are rings having a specific type and size of gem attached to them but lockets and bracelets are also common in such cases. These cosmic ornaments are supposed to bring good luck and sometimes even good health.

The trend in mens  cheap  engagement  jewellery is increasing day by day and one can see that more and more jewellery designers are creating jewelleries exclusively for men. Looking ahead in the coming years, we will see men wearing jewellery in almost all metals like gold, silver, platinum and even wood rings for engagement l. Right from modern design to older traditional ones, mens jewellery is unlimited and depending on personal taste anyone can make a choice. These jewelleries are not only reserved for special occasions but are also worn by men on a daily basis.

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