The Best Quality Smoke Dab Rigs One Should Have

Smoking weed has become a trend nowadays. Cannabis users have a wide range of choices, including bongs, dab rigs, and vapes. But you might get confused about which one is better to choose. It will be great to enjoy smoking weed with your friends with the best quality smoke dab rigs. Make your choice clear by going through the options given below.

  1. MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs

If you want maximum flavors and potency, Mini rigs are the best choice. It has a low water line that provides you with the full taste of the dab. Some smokers love to savor the concentrates with long hits. It is possible in these dab rigs. Though small, they have all these qualities boosting the unrivaled percolation.

  1. The Puffco Peak Electronic Dab Rig

It is a sleek dab rig where you only need to load the concentrate and push the button on it. Rest of the work, Puffco peak will do it by itself. It will heat the concentrates by setting the temperature on its own. A small amount of concentrate will give you the most flavors out of it. You will not even realize when does it cool and heats up again. It is a very smooth dab rig and is best for a marathon smoke session.

  1. Grav Helix Beaker

If you love collecting the best quality dab rigs, you must have this one too. Grav helix beaker produces a great taste by using the air injection. The beautiful and clean design of the Grav helix also makes it works as a showpiece that will look great on your shelf.

Quality smoke dab rigs

  1. Waxmaid Silicone Dab Rig

It is one of the expensive dab rigs as it has four in one bong. The bongs can transform into bubblers or nectar collectors. It has fantastic durability that is only possible for its silicon bongs. The waxmaid silicone dab rigs are the best multi-colored pieces that a beginner should have.

  1. Red Eye Tek Banger Hanger Dab Rig

People find this dab rig a cult unit. Its direct-injecting downstream will make your dabs hit faster. If you are a dab rig admirer, the Red Eye Tek Banger hanger’s 80’s vibe will drive you crazy. You will be satisfied by the best quality flavor of the concentrates that it will provide you.

Select your favorite dab rig and make your smoking session overwhelming!

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