Reasons You Should Never Use an Online Teeth Whitening Kit

You might have seen that your dentist recommended a teeth whitening kit online. Sometimes, this doesn’t even mean the same thing as in-office teeth whitening. You might’ve been told that white strips are a good way to manage serious stains on your own, or you may have seen the ads for “instant” and the Best online teeth whitening kits on TV.

While there are some good reasons to consider online teeth whitening, it’s important to understand what the benefits and potential dangers are. Not everyone needs professional teeth whitening, but if you’re thinking of trying it out on your own, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before putting yourself at risk.

The Chemistry of Teeth Whitening

Before we examine the types of kits available and what they can do for you, let’s take a look at the chemistry involved in teeth whitening. The basic process involves placing a gel-like substance under your gum line, where your tooth enamel is exposed. The gel contains a chemical mixture that causes your tooth enamel to turn more receptive to light. When the process is repeated daily, your teeth will gradually become darker. It’s a simple idea, and virtually all kits on the market contain similar ingredients.

The first step is to prepare your teeth. Your dentist will often use a special product to clean your teeth, and then take an impression of your teeth that can be used later to make custom-fitted mouth guards. The impressions are sent off to a lab, where they’re turned into mouth guards, or artificial teeth that fit over your own natural teeth for the duration of the treatment.

Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening typically takes three days in a row, and two weeks off during which you can resume eating the foods you love without worrying about stains. There are some side effects from having teeth whitened – including a sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures – but overall it’s considered safe for most patients. The process is quite common, and while it usually isn’t necessary, many people find that it’s more affordable than traditional in-office teeth whitening.

There are three main components to the teeth whitening process: light-sensitive gels that are applied to your teeth, a numbing agent that’ll make you feel some discomfort during treatment, and a very powerful light source. The first step is probably the most important element in this treatment – the use of an effective product. A few different things can be beneficial to your teeth, including calcium phosphate and triclosanresin. These compounds can be found in most whitening products for home use.

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